Friendly Friday- Turning Points

Gion, Kyoto

So about turning points, decisions, paths to be chosen…
I loved this challenge. There’s so many times I’ve thought what if and it’s usually with some sort of regret.

I’ve been to Kyoto in 2 different occasions and the first time we didn’t see any geisha. It definitely added to the feeling of we have to go back to Japan, a feeling that lingers still. Second time round, we knew what to do. And Gion at this point in the day resembles a hunting ground. Should we be doing this? Waited for a while, left the main streets on our quest. And there they were: 2 young maiko, just about to leave their house. Beautiful, so very beautiful. They were with friends so they were more like normal girls too, smiling and chatting, so ordinarily so. The moment is unique for me. I asked if I could take a photo and they declined. So I stayed back and kept a record of that moment in my memory. And then, they left.

And then…

This Sliding Doors moment works both for me as for the very lucky guys who just ended up in the path of these two maiko. They took their photos although the girls were trying to run away. And I was left with my memories and the notion that I had done the right thing.

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