Friendly Friday – Looking Up

This weeks Friendly Friday challenge is about being aware our surroundings. And take your time and look, and look (up) again too. Nothing worse than rushing through things when there’s so much out there to enrich our experiences.

The first one, an imposing tree at Holmwood House in Glasgow, the second the dome ceiling of the Mihrab at the Mosque-Cathedral in Córdoba. I’ve picked a man-made and a nature example because for me, they are equally beautiful and inspiring and I could have easily missed either of them if I hadn’t looked up…

4 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Looking Up

  1. What a wonderful contrast you have chosrn for this week. The tree, so tall and straight but conpletely natural and the ceiling, purposefully contrsucted to look beautiful. Both aspects wecwould misd if ourceyes wrre cast downward. It is a shame churhgoers often bow their heads when there are ceilings such as this.


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