The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

I have to thank Manja Mexi for telling me about the Garden of Cosmic Speculation near Dumfries. Part of the Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, it gives the opportunity, just one day out every year, to visit this private garden.

In full honesty, it’s not really a garden but more of a enormous art installation made of living and non living things, all in their own right art pieces themselves. It is spectacular and at the same time intimately personal. There are some need-to-know things though. From Glasgow it’s a bit of a drive, through a road not too kind on sensitive stomachs (I’ll leave the details a side, but I’m glad I was doing the driving…). It is extremely busy, as you should expect for a 1 day only event; on saying that it is very unrealistic to expect fantastic photo opportunities: there’s people everywhere, everywhere, and although a massive area there will be no chance of a moment not shared with someone else.

The organisation was spotless with loads of nice staff and volunteers to help you if needed. I would definitely recommend a visit to this amazing place. Booking for next year starts around February on the Scotland’s Gardens Scheme website. You can find more hidden gems for the rest of the year there too. I will certainly be having a look for more adventures.


2 thoughts on “The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

  1. Oooo you went! Most excellent. I haven’t seen it till now but I see that you link to me, thanks for that. 🙂 When I started to go back on your blog, I had a thought: Who knows if she remembered to go. 😉 I’m really happy that you found it worthwhile. A bit of a bummer that it’s only open one day every year and thus very crowded on that day, but I suppose it means one needs to include people in the photographs… I hope you will post more photos! Is that death on the typewriter still there?


    1. I’m glad you showed me this place, apparently there’s a couple more, smaller ones so I’ll try to go as well.
      I can’t remember seeing anything like that there, and we followed the map to the best of our abilities when you have a 3 year old that can be a challenge on it’s own 🙂

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