Friendly Friday Challenge – Alleys

There’s something I find charming about alleys and I love to venture into them, always with the excitement of not knowing where they might lead. Lisbon and Edinburgh are great alley cities. Unfortunately, Glasgow not so much as alleys in this city tend to be dirty and not inviting. I think it as something to do with the fact almost all old town was flattened to give way to 1900’s progress, only to some of those to be flattened again. I agree alleys aren’t exclusive to the old world but around this parts and in my opinion, the old ones are the best.

2 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – Alleys

    1. Firstly to give way to the new Central Station, mid 1800’s I think. After, in the 1960’s as they thought it would be easier to start from scratch instead of rehabilitating the old tenement flats, built when Glasgow expanded late 19th century (the flats didn’t have own bathrooms or hot water). The trend stopped in the late 1970’s and there are now conservation areas to save and protect the tenement flats (if you’re interested you can google the term and know exactly how they look like) I used to live in one of them šŸ™‚


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