Friendly Friday – Illumination

For this week’s challenge I had to go back to Japan, if only because I miss it and for the different aspects of light you can find everywhere. There’s the traditional light from shrines and paper lamps and there’s the massive cityscape lights, the signs of progress and modernism. Even in things as simple as illumination, Japan seems to be able to not leave its traditions and culture behind. It is the perfect balance between the old and new.

4 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Illumination

  1. Indeed, Japan is a land of contrasts, blended between ancient and modern. Hi tech and low tech, old and new, and light and dark! Wonderful post. I can’t wait to visit Japan again one day. When were you last there?

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    1. 5 years ago, just before I had my son. And 7 years ago. Hopefully we’ll be back in 3/4 years time, when I think he’ll be able to understand and enjoy going on such a long trip.


      1. My daughter was just 7 years old when we first went to Japan. Twelve years later, she still remembers a lot of details. Photos keep the memories alive I think. I don’t regret any time spent in Japan! It is a fantastic destination.

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