Friendly Friday Challenge – Leaves

If there was any need to remind us all Summer is coming to an end and soon there will be the Autumn colours to enjoy, the challenge had to be Leaves… For some, like myself, August is still very much Summer but here in Scotland usually there’s a soft shift towards cooler times around this time. This year, though, everything is a bit Topsy-turvy and it is still quite warm. But, as I write, it as been raining for hours non-stop and its a dark, miserable day. So, maybe Autumn is forcing its way through…

10 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – Leaves

  1. August in the Northern hemisphere is warm and special! But rain no stop – on my if w could distribute it to or drought affected areas, everyone would be happy.
    Beautiful capture for the Friendly Friday prompt.

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    1. It feels wrong in a way, we have so much water all year round and there’s so little elsewhere. They say that’s why the green is so luscious here, so beautiful and rich.


      1. Yes Sofia. You don’t see that lush green here, in Australia. Plenty of gold, red and browns though. I am always entranced with the almost luminescent green of Scandinavia and Northern Europe in the summer.

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