Govanhill Baths, Glasgow

This month I’m joining in and celebrate 30 years of Doors Open Days in Glasgow. For me it has only been 8 years with a few missed ones but it is an initiative I always try to join. Lately we’ve even been further afield trying to catch as many open venues as possible. If you’re unfamiliar with this have a look at their website, it’s well worth taking the time to explore.

Govanhill Baths was one of our first venues and it got me hooked on this exploring buildings that are otherwise closed to the general public. This swimming pool opened in 1917 and it was where my partner learnt how to swim, in the 1980’s. By 2001 it was closed.

It is hard not to feel sorry as this is a classic example of a building needing to be saved and thanks to the big heart of its community it will, eventually. Back 8 years ago it was in a sorry state but it was still such an interesting space with so much potential. And so many dreams awaiting…

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