Lens-Artists Challenge – Special Spot Shots

Welcome 2020! Let’s hope for a happy, healthy year for all.

This is my first challenge for the year and it starts with a Special Spot. Immediately I thought of this place, a wonderful museum surrounded by landscaped gardens, called Calouste Gulbenkian Museum. Right in the heart of Lisbon, it is an oasis for peaceful meditation or to take your family for a nice stroll. There’s so many little places in the garden you can find a quiet spot but at the same time, places where you can let the kids run free.

The Museum is a collection of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Islamic and European Art. It was my first contact with Ancient Art and with late 18th Century painting, all under the same roof. It showed me the beauty of Lalique’s work and started my love for the Belle ร‰poque.

It was also the place where I managed to fall on a pond when I was three. I got mild abuse from my older sister ever since…

Posted for Leya’s Lens-Artists Challenge

8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Special Spot Shots

    1. I am quite proud of the way Portugal always opened our doors and hearts to whoever chooses to live with us, for whatever reason. He left all he had to us, and we are so grateful.

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