Lens-Artists Challenge – Distance

Even for an introvert and, at times, anti-social these days are a new challenge. I can see myself suffering from agoraphobia at some point if things get any worse, and they will. It’s out of control in the UK and we are lucky to live in Scotland. The problem is there’s silly people everywhere and when I see smart people who distance themselves from us (sometimes even crossing the road for extra safety), I still believe in the human race. Other times, I cannot forget human stupidity, when even my neighbours – a couple of nurses and a teacher – people who say are self isolating, have long, and close, chats in the back gardens while taking the bins out. At that point I think there’s no hope and we will have to ride this very awful storm…

My time is now more taken than ever and after the first week home I am wishing for time for myself, to do nothing if I so decide. There’s so much going on that I feel I can’t possibly get bored. My archives will keep me entertained for a while, currently on #3641 year 2006. My son takes every other second that I have. I know eventually when this is over, I’ll miss spending time with him the most.

Posted for Tina’s Lens-Artists Challenge

17 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Distance

    1. Same here. A walk near your home but it should be done alone or max 2 people. Today I just saw a group of 8 (!) walking past our house. And then they probably wonder why this is spreading fast…

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      1. It’s as easy to downplay things as it is to panic about them. Some people seem to prefer not to take things seriously, others don’t have a choice. I’m getting to the point of everything is a potential risk and think things over to the point of exhaustion. Scary times, indeed. I hope you stay safe.

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