Lens-Artists Challenge – Simplicity

A month ago, when it wasn’t clear yet how bad it could be (or maybe it was and we didn’t want to see) we went on what I thought was our first proper walk of the year. The plan was to build up our stamina so we could go in the summer to explore Glencoe. It felt, back then, such a simple idea for our holidays; to do something new and discover a part of the country I’ve never visited.

A month ago I had my camera on me but didn’t use it. This shot was taken with my mobile. I thought it was too cold and it started raining and, we had runny noses and, and, and… It was simple then to decide when it was time to come home, because it didn’t feel like we would be missing out on something. Or on anything at all.

The simplicity of life now is this. There are no plans except when to go shopping for food. I’m left with the knowledge there are things that are important and others that I like but even they can wait.

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge

7 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Simplicity

  1. So true! We had a temporary exhibit at our beautiful Magnolia Gardens of a light show put on by the Chinese. it was supposed to have been extraordinary. I’d planned to go but alas the virus interrupted that plan along with some others. As they say, never put off to tomorrow….. that said, while much has changed we are still able to get outside and enjoy nature’s gifts. Definitely helping me to maintain sanity!

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