A Photo a Week Challenge – Summer Vacation 2020

I like to plan ahead. This year the plan was to celebrate my son’s 5th Birthday in Portugal just before he started school. That was the small, more usual plan but I was really looking forward to it. I haven’t had a proper beach holiday in years and I feel my son is missing out on something I always loved and took for granted. We had other plans, to discover parts of Scotland we haven’t been to, do more walking and explore nature. All those will have to wait and it is ok to do so, my eyes are on the biggest prize, that we will all come out of this well. If and when things get back to a different sort of normality, then, if I was going to start dreaming, I would pick a trip to Japan. Even my son is getting obsessed with going there…

Posted for Nancy Merrill’s Challenge

One thought on “A Photo a Week Challenge – Summer Vacation 2020

  1. Sof querida.
    Vais ter os teus Planos (sonhos??) realizados não saberemos quando nem em que moldes novos, mas sonhos, nem que sejam só um pouquinho realizados, é sempre muito bom. Temos que ser resilientes e não desistir de SONHAR, filhota! Beijocas, mil.

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