Lens-Artists Challenge – Cropping the Shot

I have lost count of the times I’ve only noticed something in a photo when I’ve started editing it, the little things that can be distracting or, more interestingly, the things that will make the shot, just because cropping got them closer.

The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow. The original is not even straight and there was a lot going on. The view from that window wasn’t even what I was going for but I love it now and the tiny splash of colour from the fire extinguisher is an added bonus.

In this shot of Lisbon, I wanted to get focused on the tree and take all the distracting elements (including the satellite dishes…) away.

Finally, a bit more than just cropping on this one (the after shot is obviously edited) and it was a very gentle crop, the space behind the fence and the bit of foliage on the left were not needed and had to go.

Sometimes I enjoy picking one photo and seeing how many other I can get from cropping it, but that is story for another day…

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge

17 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Cropping the Shot

  1. Loved your thought about multiple photos from a single shot, I do that as well and it’s a very fun exercise. Perhaps a challenge for another day! Loved your image of the column – much improved after your edits.

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