Friendly Friday – Isolation Cravings

Sandy challenges us this week to share our cravings due to isolation. For us it has been nearly 2 months and I’m happy to say we seem to be keeping up very well. Routine is great in some aspects, it gives certainty where there’s not much around. On the other hand, the lack of spontaneity is taking a bit of the fun away. I’m not sure craving is the right word here, I’m missing some things but not to the extent of craving them. But then again, I never had cravings when I was pregnant either… I do miss my newspaper sudoku at lunch time (so much so I remembered I had some books and went to find them) and I really, really miss the great outdoors, the space we are so lucky to have in Scotland. One day…

2 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Isolation Cravings

  1. The good news is that the great outdoors is waiting for you 🙂 Here in Canada, we are starting to lift the restrictions and one of the current messages is: Outdoors is better! …so long as you keep your distance from other people.

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

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    1. No lifting in restrictions in Scotland as yet, very cautious approach which is good. I can wait, we all can and be safe


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