Changes and Pastimes

The weather is playing with us these days. There was a hint of spring for a while and then we were back at winter… so, so cold. Now, apparently is the rain before warm days to come this week. The garden is full of pesky snails and slugs. I spend more time gardening now, making the most of staying at home. The idea of having a herb garden always seduced me and the first one we managed not to kill was the rosemary. Coriander, watercress, parsley… tried them all to no avail. Then, thyme. Slowly, shyly, it survived the winter. And mint and basil, after so many attempts…!

Now, these plants we cared for are flowering for the first time and it’s glorious, such a big surprise. Now, there’s a lovely scent everwhere and now our cooking is that bit more special.

Posted for Nancy Merrill’s Challenge and Sue’s Lens-Artists Challenge

27 thoughts on “Changes and Pastimes

    1. So was I, and then somethings started to work. As my problem was forgetting to water, the weather in Scotland helps, it rains all the time πŸ˜€
      You never know, it might work for you now…

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  1. Nicely captured images for the challenge! I especially love the snail although probably not a welcome visitor to the garden. I’ve made so many attempts to nurture an herb garden but with little success. The plants either don’t do well, or grow too much and take over. But I keep trying. I just love the smell of herbs when crushed between the fingers! Thank you so much for participating in this challenge.

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    1. Thank you, Sue. We’re at the grow to much stage, but I lost the fear of a good pruning and it seems to be doing the trick πŸ™‚

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  2. You have a beautiful herb garden! I smiled at your description, because I had problems keeping one as well as we never were much at home to water the plants. I do see what you mean…and this year everything works out – as we are home all the time! And tending to the garden is a perfect pastime.

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