Friendly Friday – Pink

I don’t like pink.

My room when I was growing up was blue, my sister’s was pink and green. I always thought mine was better because I really didn’t like pink, and I’d never wear the colour either. More recently, when we moved into our house, the garden was an abandoned mess. The only thing growing was weeds and a rose bush (it’s actually two, but I didn’t know that then). When we had it fixed, we kept the roses although they were pink, but such a light pink they almost looked white. This year, for some reason, they are as pink as they can possibly be. On the other hand, the red rose bush I salvaged is not flowering at all. It has been a strange year, even in the garden.

By the way, red is my favourite colour…

8 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Pink

  1. I hear you sister!!
    Pink has its place – in lighter shades, out there, in the garden.
    Interesting that the red rose has not flowered. Has the weather been radically different this year?

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    1. Not very cold winter and drier spring, is all I can think of. Very sad the red one didn’t flower, it’s that perfect darker shade, like fresh blood 🙂

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