Friendly Friday – In-Transit

I got in the car for the first time in 3 weeks last Sunday. As a treat for my son, we went to drop some shopping for my mother-in-law and stayed for a bit, while he enjoyed running about the front garden. There hasn’t been much more in-transit or movement for us, my partner is shielding until the end of July, so we’re keeping safe for as long as it takes.

The most exciting travelling we did, apart from getting there in the first place, was exploring Japan with our Japanrail pass. Looking first time at a shinkansen was breathtaking, getting in one and feeling lulled, unforgettable. But then you look out the window and you realise how fast you’re going, it was almost to much to take all in. It’s such a beautiful country. And yes, that is Mount Fuji, obviously covered with clouds…

Posted for Sandy’s Friendly Friday Challenge

4 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – In-Transit

  1. I do love travelling by train and Japan is something special. I loved the punctuality of it and the ritual of cleaning the cabins before everyone boards. So civilized!

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