A Photo a Week – Anything

I’m still working through years of photos to give me some me time while at lockdown. Most of my time is spent looking after my son, which can be creative too in a completely different way, but lockdown as focused me to manage whatever time I have better. I started thinking a bit outside the “photo box” too with some photos I liked changed into digital art. After watercolours I’ve been trying a more cartoon look. It’s been immensely fulfilling.

Posted for Nancy Merrill’s Photo Challenge

5 thoughts on “A Photo a Week – Anything

  1. Me time is crucial when one nurtures a family – no matter their number or age… Especially under these times, when we’re blessed to be together, yet need to recharge as well.
    This is lovely artwork. Can see why it feels fulfilling 🙂 May I use what program you use, please?

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