Lens-Artists Challenge – A Quiet Moment

We live in a quiet street. Since lockdown, and perhaps because we are at home, the biggest difference has been the sound of our neighbours cutting the grass at the most unusual times. Now our garden is looked after too and enjoyed like never before as the eagerness to leave the house has been replaced with the need to stay in.

This is the time to be able to enjoy your own company or, enjoy the time you have with your close family and focus on what really matters. When things return, to a degree, to what they used to be, I wish there will still be a need to enjoy these moments away the rat race.

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge

9 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – A Quiet Moment

  1. Magníficas fotografias, Sofia. Não percebo nada de fotografia, mas já começo a entender essa coisa do “monochrome”!!!! Adoro a que tiraste em Sintra quando fomos lá almoçar.Saudades muitas.

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