Friendly Friday – Capturing a Feeling

For years wanting to take photos was closely associated with how I was feeling. Being creative was not necessarily an act of happiness or sadness, but of the need to say something, in a way that words do not do me justice. Ultimately, all my photos have a tiny bit of me, they are the result of how I see things but most of all of how I want to share them. Not every one of them is going to be read in the way I’m trying to tell a particular story. Your eyes can and should see things in my photos that I’m not even aware they’re there.

Posted for Amanda’s Friendly Friday

5 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Capturing a Feeling

    1. All is quiet and she wants to enjoy the calm and peacefulness around her. She wants to think, enjoy the views from this small tea house overlooking the lake and to completely let her mind wonder way.


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