Lens-Artists Challenge – Winter

A few years ago we had a storm called Beast from the East. It was the first time we were told to go home from work due to bad weather. At that point, I was more used to snow, this strange thing that, if I was back in Portugal, I would have to travel quite a bit to see, but…. there still is a mix of awe, for its beauty, and respect, as travel can the atrocious. Last year, regardless of predictions of snow and cold, we experienced a very mild (and wet, this is the West of Scotland after all) and it felt like something was missing. The few days of the lightest of snow cover were enough to feel marvelled.

People say I wasn’t made for the cold and they are probably right. I am always struggling with keeping warm, no matter how many layers of clothes I have on. But, I have to admit, a tiny bit of snow makes winter something to look forward to.

Posted for Ann-Christine’s Lens-Artists Challenge

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Winter

  1. How I miss winter… No snow here in South Africa. At least not the snow I grew up with.

    Beast from the East, you say? In NW and south fields of Romanian we have the “Crivฤƒศ›” in winter, coming from Siberia.

    Amazing photos ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!!

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  2. We are in absolute agreement about winter – not my favorite and very difficult for me to stay warm but I love a single bit of snow now and then to make it feel wintry. But only if it doesn’t last long! There is something so beautiful about it’s pristine cleanliness and beauty when it is freshly fallen

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