Friendly Friday – Morning Rituals

Am I a morning person? I’m really not sure. I remember when I was growing up I was a morning person compared with my sister, who would look positively murderous until she could open her eyes. Many years have passed and I can say I am chronically sleep deprived. There’s a difficulty now to open my eyes and stop being grumpy. Coffee is not always helpful either.

Before Covid, we had a different morning ritual. There was a mad rush out to take my son to nursery and for me to get to work. Breakfast was taken quickly and, most of the time, not savoured. I would be fully awake with a coffee from my colleagues at the cafe in our shop. Tasty works of art, pick me ups when I really needed one with a smile on everyone’s faces. I miss that the most I think. Not the mad rush, it would have changed regardless of Covid and school starting. But the coffee and the care.

Posted for Sandy’s Friendly Friday Challenge


2 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Morning Rituals

  1. I’m retired now but one of the things I miss most about working was the camaraderie of being at work, with real people. The stop at the coffee shop was the time in between the rush to get out of the house & the actual work day started.
    Thanks for joining this week’s challenge!

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