Lens-Artists Challenge – Hideaway

Sometimes for us, it meant just leave the path behind us and go explore into the woods. Here there is no one and it’s almost like we can pretend we are away from it all.

In a way, I envy my parents. They have their hideaway in the Algarve, and I am so glad they have used it fully throughout this pandemic. I don’t have such a thing here and that’s when we have to think differently.

Where can we find that elusive place when you want to feel safe. I’ve found out this week, it’s nearly an impossible thing to do if you go out. Stress levels constantly on high, people everywhere and no social distancing.

Other times, it feels like we’re on lockdown again and we can only go to our small back garden. In years to come, we will hopefully have funny stories to tell, on how I showed my son to take pictures with my camera or phone, on that same garden.

But mainly my hideaway has to be to let my mind run free, either by creating things or by reading. I am surprise how I never tire of going through my old photos and see what else I can do with them. If they sell is a bonus, I am truly making things for my own pleasure.

Posted for Ann-Christine’s Lens-Artists Challenge

15 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Hideaway

  1. Well said and well-thought Photographias. We can escape anything by going inside our own mind whether we have a physical hideaway or not. I too enjoy retreating into my archives to play with older images now and then. It is a great way to retreat from the problems of the world.

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  2. Beautifully expressed. “my hideaway has to be to let my mind run free, either by creating things or by reading.” Love it! Yes, we can create our own hideaway in our mind. I, too, enjoy going through my old photos. πŸ™‚

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    1. In my experience, especially at my workplace, that is what is needed in order to really make a difference during this pandemic…
      Thank you for your kind words, John.

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