Lens-Artists Challenge – Found in the Neighbourhood

For the first time since March I went to work at a city centre branch of our shops. Since I came back I’ve been allocated to a shopping centre and, although I really like the people I work with, I miss the high street. I didn’t realise how much until this week.

I had a bit of time before I started and, although it was raining like it’s only possible in Scotland to rain like this, for hours on end…, I went on a bit of a walk. I think that is part of what I miss, the daylight, strangely enough the subway, the weather.

So, maybe not my neighbourhood but one that opened my eyes. I miss the city I call home.

Posted for Ann-Christine’s Lens-Artists

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Found in the Neighbourhood

  1. Your image of the door behind the door is really wonderful Sofia – how nice of them to leave it open for you!! Sorry about your relocation but if these images say anything about the new assignment you may have wonderful opportunities ahead! And BTW, only a Scot would go out for a meander in a rainstorm LOL!

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    1. I took them with that in mind, inspired by Norm’s walks around Montreal’s Ruelle Verts. Not the same, but what I could find in Glasgow. It seemed perfect for this challenge too 🙂

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  2. Colourful doors – despite the rain! This neighbourhood looks great to me – hopefully you will be able to return to where you want to be later on! Love the fence and the painted greens.

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    1. Thank you, John. It’s Glasgow and you are right, it’s art nouveau, most tenements here date to the early 1900’s. I’ve been dreaming of such a door for our house, but reclaimed doors are a fortune.

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