Lens-Artists – Emotions

People watching is one of my past times. I would rather spend time looking at people than at my phone, for instance, if there’s time to kill.

Japan was my favourite place to observe people. As reserved as the Japanese might look like, there’s a depth of emotions shown in the softest of ways.

Of all the weddings we were lucky to catch, this couple was by far the most interesting. He looked so happy and even smug at points while she came across incredibly subdued…

Now, I’m not sure about the emotions here except, they couldn’t see where they were going and there was a lot of them, walking through a very busy park with hanami parties. Somehow I wouldn’t be surprise that their face was a mirror of their costume…

Religion and traditions are sources of peace, reflection and joy and emotions were a lot close to the surface then. At the Hiroshima Memorial in Ueno Park, it was my turn to change from spectator into a character. I decided there that the next time we visited Japan, we would go to Hiroshima. We did, 2 years later. There was no people watching then, Hiroshima still feels very different from everywhere else.

To finish, I can only hope Tina found her happiness.

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists – Emotions

  1. I do hope Tina found her happiness too…Is that from a wishing “tree”? I would love to visit Japan, it is highest on my list if we ever get the possibility of travel again. The couple looks interesting – so different in emotions shown.

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    1. It is a Ema Board. Shrines is Japan have an area where people can hang their boards with their wishes. They can have hundreds of them, neatly organised. I wish I could go back at some point too.


      1. When we were in Japan during the cherry blossom season, there were a lot of wishes on the trees, bits of paper with the wishes written on. Is it something like that?


  2. A lovely post Sofia – I would love to experience Hiroshima – I suspect anyone who does would never again support war or violence of any kind. I loved your wedding image, which is exactly as you described it emotionally. The bride looks magnificent in her beautiful outfit with her serene face.

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    1. I only caught her smiling once, briefly…
      I don’t know if it was me, but Hiroshima did feel different and all the tourists didn’t change that. The Museum is a very special place too.

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  3. Hi, Sofia. A lovely and heart-felt post. I loved your impressions of Japan. What a moving letter from Tina about marrying her “heart’s desire.” The wedding photo is intriguing. The groom does look a bit smug!!

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  4. Sofia, your post was a wonderful take on emotions. I just wonder what faces were under the costumes in the parade. Fear because they couldn’t see or maybe serenity because they trusted the person in front to guide them?

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