Friendly Friday – Something Different

I was talking to one of the parents, when picking up my son from school, on how quite a few of my acquaintances are changing the course of their lives now. Some from necessity, others realised this was an opportunity not to be missed. In my case, I see it as being prepared. With lockdown still in force until the end of April, there’s a chance that not all of us will have a job to go back to. And that might be my case.

Bicycles at nighttime photoCartoon style digital illustration of bicycles

I have several online shops, from etsy to redbubble, displate and society6, opened a few years ago and that I look after when I have the time. Being now at home without the pressure of homeschooling is giving me not all the time in the world, but a little bit more of it. And the funny thing is, I put in the hours but it never feels other than pleasure. I can play to my heart’s content and in this case, I’ve been creating from my photos and giving them a different feel. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and somethings sell better than others but it’s a start and who knows…?

Close up of dahlia in black and white

Or having a collection of monochrome photos of flowers. It is something completely different from what I’d normally do. Flowers are about their colours and removing them feels strange. And yet, somehow, I think it works.

Posted for Sandy’s Friendly Friday Challenge

8 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Something Different

  1. I can relate to the joy of experimenting. It’s immensely satisfying to change the texture, look and feel of photographs and in so doing, discover new pictures. I do like your monochrome flowers – I think theres’ more to see in terms of depth and interest.

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