Lens-Artists Challenge – Natural Light

Cacela Velha beach with boat

For this challenge, I thought let’s have an example of the different natural lights throughout the day, until I remembered I really don’t have many, if any, photos of early morning. Too busy having breakfast (so I can function) and, these days going out is a bit of a military exercise.

So, let’s skip straight into the glaring sun of midday in the summer…

The good thing about churchs is how cool they always are. That and the dramatic light and shadow games inside, showing it’s worth going back at different times.

Sunshine Through the trees

Trees almost have the same effect with the advantage of feeling and listen to the wind gently blowing. There’s nothing more magical to me.

Although, twilight is the most magical time of the day. Everything, from the most mundane to the exquisite looks special. A time to look back at the day that has gone by, look forward to more adventures and seize the next day.

Posted for Amy’s Lens-Artists Challenge

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Natural Light

  1. Beautiful images Sofia – like you I am anti-early mornings but there is much more to be seen and shown throughout the day as you’ve proven with your post! Your image of the flowers in the late day sun is really special

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