Friendly Friday Challenge – Recycling

When I swaped Portugal for Scotland, there were quite a few things that were a shock to the system. People think the weather was the only thing different. It was the biggest thing, and the lack of daylight in Winter. Soon enough I was developing Winter Blues and so many years on, I still struggle with it. But, sometimes, is the smallest things that run in the background that remind you you’re not in the same country and you need to adapt.

Recycling was one of them and I’m glad to say things have improved considerably. 20 years ago it was common place to recycle in Lisbon. We had recycle stations pretty much everywhere allowing us to separate paper, plastic and glass. My father started recycling as soon as it was possible and he still does, religiously. It was such a part of daily life that I really found it hard to believe there was nothing in Glasgow when I moved in. Slowly, we started having different coloured bins for our household waste, including garden waste. We are getting there but more needs to be done. It is not just household waste needing to be addressed, it is the culture of buying stuff and throwing it out we still see in our streets, where you can find childrens’ toys, sofas, tables, pretty much anything just abandoned waiting for either someone to take it home or the council to take it to the dump. People need to take responsability for their own rubbish.

Garden Ideas with glass bottles

But is not all bad. Here and there we can find really cool ideas to give things a new life. I loved this one I found in a garden in Glasgow, where different sections were delimited with beer bottles. There is still hope, apparently.

Posted for Amanda’s Friendly Friday Challenge

10 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – Recycling

  1. So Portugal was much further advanced with recycling than Scotland. Yet they are all part of the EU, so one wonders why GB was slower to react to this new phenomenon. I wonder if this could be why people are so keen to dump their unwanted stuff out in the street. I sometimes see a little bit of that here, but generally, it is a piece of furniture that is good for someone else. We can report illegal dumping of rubbish to Council who will come and tidy up. Our population is not as dense or as high as in England. Yet when we look at Eastern countries, that doesn’t appear to matter.
    Thanks for sharing this. I find it really interesting and a little sad too.
    Well done on the photograph. As usual, you have captured something special for the subject.

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    1. It has something to do with a notion of citzenship we had in Portugal in those days. A sense of rights but also with responsabilities. I think things have changed in recent years. But in Scotland, this is really slow in taking off. I can’t really say about England, as I’ve only been down south a few times for holidays. Considering we’re out of the EU now, I can only imagine things to get even worse.

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  2. Not really, but the whole thing is a mess. It will take time to see any differences, for now all that has changed concerns trading.


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