Thursday Doors – Regaleira

Detail of door at Regaleira, Sintra

Special doors in a very special place, Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra. I don’t remember how the external door looked like but this detail is from internal doors, I think from the billiards room. Part of the “Cultural Landscape of Sintra” and as such a World Heritage Site, this place is all about mystical symbolism, so I would not be surprised that every single thing about it would have a meaning.

Posted for Dan’s Thursday Doors

16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Regaleira

  1. Gif details are fantastic to look at. I love frame and panel doors, and this look like it must be wonderful. Of course, your mention of the billiards room makes me think of the game, Clue and what sinister mystery lies beyond

    Thanks for joining us for Thursday Doors.

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    1. The whole place is like that. It takes a few visits to have a proper look at all the different details, there’s so much going on. I’m glad you like it, Janet.

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