Lens-Artists Challenge – A Change of Scenery

This is how things have changed. It’s been many months since I took my camera out and it’s just been recently we started going out to country parks a bit further away. For this challenge, it would have been so easy to go through my archives and pick happier times when we would go on our little adventures and explore new places.

Going to our favourite park near where we live is our adventure, one we’re just starting to enjoy again. I didn’t take my camera although I went with the idea of taking photos for this challenge. I’m still to conscious of not being aware of my surroundings when I’m lost in my world of clicking and some people don’t keep any social distance. So my phone had to do.

It is such a pretty time of the year, there’s colour now to add to the crispiness of the morning air, there’s things still asleep and others just slowly waking up.

We were lucky to have found the highland cows. They can be in several different places and last time we couldn’t find them. Not today. They were close by and willing to wait for photos. I wished I had my camera with me and next time it will be my fear staying at home.

Posted for Beth’s Lens-Artists Challenge

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – A Change of Scenery

  1. I can’t say I blame you for putting the camera aside and just enjoying the beautiful day. Any day is complete if there are highland cows involved! I admit to be fascinated by them when we first met them in Scotland!

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  2. I’m just in love with your post and the way you approached the challenge by going to your favorite park. The first three images of the daffodils and trees are wonderful but my favorite is the Highland Cow. I made friends with one named Hamish after I fed him some carrots when we traveled to Scotland a few years ago. Thanks for your contribution to the challenge!

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  3. Oh wow, you found the elusive Highland cow! Lucky you…when we went there we were trying to look for it for several days but wasn’t successful. Does it come out depending on the season?

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