Lens-Artists Challenge – Geometry

Pavilhão de Portugal

I love architecture but I never wanted to be an architect, I’m not rigorous or precise enough. I’m more into appreciating the work architects accomplish. Modern architecture is an obvious starting point for geometrical forms.

Older examples prove equally interesting, it is all geometry after all. Just different times, different tastes.


I was trying to find a photo showing nature’s amazing geometry in all its glory but couldn’t find one good enough. Nature’s inspiration is quite visible in this chandelier.

Tiles Quinta da Bacalhôa

And the inspiration of any pattern I’ve ever done are the azulejos, portuguese tiles, the best example of geometrical repetition. These are 16th Century tiles at the Quinta da Bacalhôa and they are the oldest ones I’ve seen in Portugal.

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge

31 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Geometry

  1. So well chosen – and the mix is perfect. A totally enjoyable post, Sofia. I could never be an architect and my reasons are the same as yours – I just love walking around looking and observing.

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