Friendly Friday – Something Learned (part 2)

I’ve been interested in origami for some time now, and I’ve gone from doing the usual animals and boxes to a bit more complex ones like kusudama. Those, if you’re not familiar with the term, are ball shaped origami, made of identical units interlocked in each other. I prefer the ones that don’t require glue, but the more intricate ones are only possible once glued together. This is how I keep my hands busy and therefore my mind too.

Having done the Christmas decorations with gorgeous new paper, and having quite a bit left over, I’ve searched for other origami I could do. I was moved by the crane chains we saw in Hiroshima and my mind was set. Senbazuru it was. 1000 paper cranes for a wish and, in my case, a healthy mind. This is not a race, it will take me probably the most of this year. Maybe at the end I will have my wish, but, if not, I will have something beautiful in return.

My canvas bag is full of paper cranes. I do them while watching cartoons with my son. Soon I will have to start to assemble the chains again as it gets really difficult to pick the right colour combinations if I have too many in the bag.

There’s 40 cranes on each chain. I never thought I would use beads I got for school crafts but they work really well. I am also getting less conventional in the gradients I’m picking. They’re just gorgeous, I think.

Posted for Sandy’s Friendly Friday Challenge

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