Lens-Artists Challenge – My Pick

Grape Hyacinth

A few weeks back, I regretted not having my camera with me when we went on a walk. That time, fear had the best of me. The camera has been out just a few times since the pandemic started, mostly to our back garden. But last week I had a chance to change that and I took it… and it felt like I never stopped at all. Still baby steps, just a small drive to one of our local parks, where I usually have lots of fun taking photos of flowers.


But was not all about the flowers. This little friend was very interested in what I was doing. At first it went quickly away, but it was soon back. Always watching…

The weather was not perfect, overcast and cold. Mornings are still freezing up here and takes a few hours to warm up. It is the price to pay for having the garden all to my self and it is worth it. This garden is brilliant for the amount of different types of flowers, making it interesting all year round. I’m looking forward to these little trips with the camera from now on.

Posted for Ann-Christine Lens-Artists Challenge

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – My Pick

  1. Hurrah for being able to be out among the beautiful flowers with camera in hand Sofia. Your images are lovely, perfect depictions of the birth of a new season. Especially liked the daffodils at the wall – a wonderful image.

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