Lens-Artists Challenge – Colourful April

It’s at this point in time we realise how far North we are. Days are getting longer, and soon they will be longer than in most parts. Yesterday snowed again and it was freezing, but it was also sunny. Confused? This is Scotland, after all.

Cathkin Country Park
Gorse close up

A walk in the countryside is still very much a bleak affair. This country has the best greens I’ve ever seen, so vibrant, but it’s definitely too early for those. For now, there’s just a few small splashes of colour, like this gorse.

To find any colour at all, gardens are the places to go. And still, if we’re avoiding daffodils, there’s little else to come by.

It’s not all doom and gloom. We’ll get there soon enough, the signs are everywhere, including in my back garden. I always feel happy when my Japanese Maple shows that it has survived another Winter, as deep red leaves are starting to show. I’m having tulips again this year, they’re smaller than in previous years but I’ll enjoy their bright colours. So much to look forward to. I’ll just have to write another post and call it Colourful May.

Posted for Amy’s Lens-Artists Challenge

17 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Colourful April

  1. LOL for Colorful May Sofia! I do love your gorse, it’s quite lovely and gives you some color to enjoy while awaiting full bloom. I especially loved your trio of images at the end of your post. Beautiful!

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