Friendly Friday – Hands & Feet

Many years ago, I started having problems with my feet. Nothing serious, I just have tendonitis now and then and it can be sore. The doctor said he’d never seen feet like mine. I was 19 and shrugged his suggestion of cosmetic surgery. Why would I ever consider such thing is beyond me; they’re feet and they are mine after all. I’ll spare you the feet photos, especially mine, so nothing to worry about. This story could also go on a post about the strangest things said by doctors… ever.

Some years later, I was given a project to take photos of hands and feet for a chiropractic. I obviously didn’t consider my own feet but took photos of my parents hands. This is my mother doing what she loves the most, soaking up the sun.

I’ve never been so aware of feet (and socks, I must add) as I was while in Japan. One of the first recommendations we get from any travel guide is to take clean socks and without holes. The first days were spent taking our shoes off to have access to any shrine or temple. Soon, it was second nature to walk barefooted over tatami mats. That and the fascinating amount of different geta sandals.

Skip forward a few years again. My son’s enjoying his first contact with sand. Most of his photos online show his hands and feet. Unlike his mother, he has lovely hands and, yes, lovely feet too.

Posted for Sandy’s Friendly Friday

8 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Hands & Feet

  1. Beautiful photography šŸ™‚ I would add to your point about taking clean socks – I always take fairly old ones as often they get so grubby that no amount of washing can restore them to what they were, especially in countries where you have to walk on outdoor sections between temple buildings!

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