Friendly Friday Challenge – Mountain Top

When most people think of Scotland the tartan and the Highlands are probably the first things that come to mind. I live in Glasgow, a city tucked in between hills. The advantage is little snow and a lot of interesting hill walking opportunities.

A few years ago, before son came along, we were planning on starting walking a bit more and being in touch with this rough, wild side of Scotland. A mountain in Scotland is a munro and hill walking is so serious there’s even a challenge: to conquer all the mountains, or Munro Bagging. But, to start you should to start small and Loch Lomond and Conic Hill, due to their location, are ideal for that.

At only 361m, Conic Hill was still a good challenge for it is steep. There were plenty of photo ops too along the way. I remember how busy it felt, families going up the hill, some so obviously unprepared for the climb, with wrong shoes and flimsy clothes. At this mid point, the views to the south were already lovely. The Highland cow looked to be also in deep contemplation.

And then you start opening up to the north side and the views of Loch Lomond are something else. This, however, is not the top. We came short of our target, my partner struggling with a respiratory illness couldn’t really go on. It made us realise the dream of hill walking could be a bit too much and we swapped for gentle walks in woodlands. Maybe one day we will try again, this time as a family adventure. But the views and the sense of, even then, accomplishment are mine to treasure.

Posted for Amanda’s Friendly Friday Challenge

4 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – Mountain Top

  1. Indeed, that view is amazing, Sophia! I love that whole families participate in this Munro bagging! The regular participants must be very fit. Excellent and interesting post for Friendly Friday.

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    1. It’s a family thing for the hills, yes. When it comes to the munros, you do need to train on lesser hills as they are a lot harder. Fitness is definitely required 🙂

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