Friendly Friday – Road Trip

There was a point in my early teens, before mobile phones, the internet and budget airlines, that was common to go on road trips, mainly with your school. My sister went to Paris by bus and it was an adventure I wanted for myself. Soon enough I was doing a tour of the North of Italy. Two buses full of 16 year olds, driving all the way from Lisbon with the first proper stop in Nice. It doesn’t really matter how long ago that was, it was certainly an adventure of a life time. The next escapade would be to Paris but by plane and it didn’t have the same magical feel. I still dream of doing a tour of Europe one day. Maybe driving from Glasgow to Lisbon, and making several detours along the way.

The last real road trip we went on was 3 years ago. Time does fly. I wanted to give something special to my parents, take them somewhere they love and a bit unknown to us. So I picked Andalucia – Seville, Granada and Córdoba.

I’d been to Seville twice before and my memories always ended on how hot it was, no matter the time of the year. This time we went in late September, in a futile attempt to avoid the warmer temperatures. Seville was as I remembered, but it was the first time I could share the experience with my parents as an adult and also to share it with my partner and my then 3 year old son. Things started a bit off. Seville didn’t impress my other half at all and I couldn’t stop thinking it’s going to be more of this for the rest of the trip. He’s going to like the whole experience as much as he’s enjoying the heat. But what I didn’t know then was that Granada is the real thing and we were all mesmerised by how spectacular it is, from the Alhambra to the narrow streets and small squares, the impossibility to park the car, anywhere. After that, it was time to truly relax and enjoy Córdoba too, the Mosque-Cathedral being the highlight.

There was so much that could have gone wrong. 4 adults and a 3 year old in a car. Temperatures always around 40ºC. Tourists everywhere. But we managed brilliantly with no fights or tantrums, from anyone…! I managed not to fret too much either, always wanting my parents to really have a good holiday and enjoy themselves. We were left with the lovely memories of the time we spent together during our week long road trip.

Posted for Sandy’s Friendly Friday Challenge

15 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Road Trip

  1. A busload of 16 year olds! I can just imagine 🙂 How wonderful that you had that trip with your parents and family, although 40C weather sounds frightful to me. Thanks for sharing Sofia, loved your photos and memories even more!

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  2. What a lovely post! Nice photos, and your special stories made me think of road trips with my family as a kid, and my daughters’ school trips to the USA from here in Canada.

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