Lens-Artists Chellenge – From Large to Small

It was clear early on, there could only be one colour that would work for this challenge: Red! I always feel attracted to it, from big subjects to the smallest of dots. So we start with the big one, as big as a house, or should we say a palace. It’s a bold choice of colour that contrasts really well with the amazing traditional azulejos, usually in shades of blue.

Let’s pretend the background buildings on this next one aren’t also red and focus instead on the Tram. This is the tourist tour tram in Lisbon, the normal ones in service are yellow. If you visit the Transport museum in Lisbon you’ll be able to ride on a tram like this one but with all the original features. It has been beautifully restored and it is a treat for young and old alike.

Getting smaller now and while in Tokyo we managed to watch a few weddings at the Meiji-Jingu. Part of the ceremony included a walk through a courtyard, were bride would be safely protected from the sun under big red parasols. I don’t know the significance of this, but it was beautiful.

An even smaller scale now with one of my favourite flowers, geraniums. I always took them for granted, they are pretty much everywhere in Portugal, but once I moved to Scotland I realised how much I missed them. I had some in my garden once, but the poor things don’t really do well with the cold.

To finish off, the smallest red I could find, Hawthorn berries. They are small and hard to shoot, especially when the wind is blowing mad (which I noticed it tends to, when I’m trying to take close ups of anything…)

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge


19 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Chellenge – From Large to Small

  1. Hi, Sofia. Red is a great choice. I had to laugh at what you wrote about close-ups and the wind blowing. It always seems to happen, doesn’t it?? That’s too bad that geraniums are scarce in Scotland. They’re one of my favorite flowers, too. My grandfather had a greenhouse full of them!!

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