Lens-Artists Challenge – Getting Away

As a child, getting away was a summer occurrence. We would go to the Algarve and from there we would go to Spain for a day. It was exciting stuff, it made me love to travel. Many years later, I moved to Scotland and now my getting away is, at the same time, going back home.

I started exploring more my own country, when I’m back. Getting away from Glasgow wasn’t just going back to Lisbon, but to explore Portugal either by revisiting places I hadn’t been to since my childhood or to go to completely new ones.

I then got the bug for planning trips. London was the first one and I was underwhelmed. Apart from the Museums, there was little of London that I truly enjoyed. The experience made me think of Paris again and off we went. Now, Paris is definitely my kind of city.

The furthest I’ve gotten away was Japan. Planning it took me a few years and it was so wonderfully special we vowed to go back as soon as we could. We’ve done it and some places in Japan are just like old friends. We miss them as such.

Before the pandemic started, getting away implied more than going to Lisbon and back. A mini tour to Andalucia, a road trip to York. The travelling bug securely passed on to our son, who enjoys exploring new places as much as we do.

There were other plans, abandoned for now. Since Feb 2020 we didn’t travel at all until a couple weeks ago. We are lucky to live in a country were getting away is getting away from it all. The great outdoors are simply majestic.

Posted for Rusha & Bert’s Lens-Artists Challenge

21 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Getting Away

  1. The pandemic has surely impacted travel for all of us Sofia. I find myself grateful for having done so much traveling before it hit, and for the images that are fond reminders of travels past. Yours are quite beautiful and you are fortunate to live in a place that many would love to travel to! How nice that your son has inherited your travel bug!!

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely photos of places you’ve loved but some of us have never seen. The one of the fountain is exquisite with the delicate light and the artsy nature of that capture. I agree that we are all grateful for the getaways we’ve had, and maybe some of the gadding about will pick back up. Until then, let’s enjoy each other’s photos and dream of where we’d like to go next.

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  3. Just lovely thoughts and photos, Sofia – and happy that your son too loves exploring.You are young and should have the time to travel again – while we might have finished traveling by now. The fountain is gorgeous, and I so envy you Japan. Japan is the country waiting for me…I know I will love it. So, maybe there is still time to visit. Let’s hope.

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    1. Thank you. I’m not as travelled as I would like but I make sure I make the most of what I have. We’re discovering our own country for now and finding how precious it is.

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  4. You have been to some wonderful places. It must be fun to see the changes in the cities since you were a child. Love the first photo of the balcony. It made me want to pull up a chair and watch the day go by and the tide come in and out. yes sometimes even a day trip is a nice getaway. Nice post. donna

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  5. That last photo is simply amazing. Yes that is true, because we were “forced” to stay put the last year or so, we learned to appreciate places that are near which are by no means less awesome. Have a great day Sofia.

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  6. I so enjoy your getaway images. You are lucky to live in a country were getting away… I envy you, Sofia.
    Love the Japanese garden especially, miss it so much.

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    1. Thank you, Amy. I miss Japan too. My son says when we can travel again, and after Portugal to visit the family, he wants to go to Japan…!


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