Lens-Artists Challenge – Inspiration

I particularly liked the opening quote to set Patti’s challenge, “(inspiration) is an untroubled state of mind”. In my case, sometimes it’s being inspired that leads me to an untroubled state of mind. And those moments of bliss can come from anywhere. I was surprised by a book last week called Palette Perfect: Colour combinations inspired by Fashion, Art and Style. I couldn’t put it down, the effect was immediate. I wanted to get to my computer and try some of them on patterns, blobs, anything. Then the untroubledness leads to a rush of ideas, a willingness to create.

Inspiration is out there, waiting. Day trips are on the cards now, the camera being used as it should. Some ideas are already on my mind about the photos I might be taking, even before we leave.

Sometimes it is someone elses inspired moment. Do we ever see other people’s work as they intended or our own eyes and the way they inspire us changes things, even if ever so slightly?

Capturing light was my first love when I started photography and it is still my biggest inspiration. The years and experience may tell me to look for different subjects and unusual point of views but it’s the light that I want. I think it always will be.

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge

12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Inspiration

  1. “Do we ever see other people’s work as they intended or…” There are moments when I believe it would be totally impossible to see a work the way the artist herself sees it. But I have met artists that almost agrees with my own interpretation… So…hopefully we are not totally lost in communication. I find it helps reading about the artist to have a chance to understand. And, many artists don’t care if we understand their art, but want us to make our own interpretation, and that is their goal. I believe a good goal.
    Your thoughts and images as always go well together, and yes – it is the light we are after! ♥

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  2. Well said Sofia (and shown-as always). Loved your opening story about being inspired by the book. I had a similar experience with a similar book – who knew?! Glad you’re able to be out and about with the camera. Looking forward to seeing what your lens captures!

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  3. Hi, Sofia. I’ll echo what Tina and Ann-Christine said–a beautiful post with wonderful examples of inspiration. I’ll have to take a look at the book you mentioned. You’ve got me curious about it! Your images are lovely, as always. I’m especially drawn to your last shot. A great perspective and wonderful light!

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