Thursday Doors – Seville

I’ve been to the Alcázar in Seville twice and in both occasions I took a photo of this door. I like the setting of it, it’s almost hidden and it seems to be mostly in the shade. I always thought the Alcázar was an interesting place to explore and enjoy until we visited Granada. And that really changed my opinion. It also made me understand why my partner was not that impressed with the Alcázar. It lacks a bit of authenticity that overflows in the Alhambra. But, but…I still like this door…!

Posted for Dan’s Thursday Doors

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Seville

  1. That’s an interesting door, tucked away under the stairs. Having seen both for the first time in the same week, I can definitely say that visiting the Alcazar of Seville before the Alhambra of Granada is a good thing to do. We enjoyed both.

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