Lens-Artists Challenge – The Ordinary

It is all down to the eyes, how we perceive things. How many times, in places full of tourists, we see so many people taking the same shot with their cameras or phones. Sometimes it’s almost crowd induced. There must be something there worth taking a photo otherwise, why anyone would be doing it… Sometimes, I have had the opposite. I am taking the photo under the scrutiny of other eyes. They question why am I taking a photo, what can I see in such an ordinary subject.

The thing with ordinary is it is never the same thing for everyone. And still, ordinary things are just a step away to becoming extraordinary, they just need for someone to look. Lisbon and its tiles are commonplace to me but far from ordinary, there’s simply too much beauty in them. I also know they make an impression on the millions of tourists that visit the city. These tiles were the basic of basic when it comes to covering our buildings and look at them now.

This is a Common Oak in summer. Can something as majestic as this ever be common and ordinary? And yet, I have a feeling it takes a tree lover like myself to see how wonderful it is. There are oaks everywhere in Scotland but this one is just special.

Then there’s the moment that transforms the ordinary into something else. A combination of colours, the movement and shadows, the special light coming through, the curious robin, looking right back at you. Blink and the moment is lost. Click and it’s yours.

Posted for I. J. Khanewala Lens-Artists Challenge

28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – The Ordinary

  1. I’ve had exactly that experience of people asking me why I’m taking a particular photo – it happens quite often! Do you ever find that after you’ve explained, they take the same shot too?!

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  2. What a lovely set you produced for the challenge. I love that single sprig of Bougainvillea in the first photo. Extraordinary colours in the other photos as well. I love the two photos featuring cars. It’s the seeing that lifts them from a part of the world into a photo.

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  3. Enjoyed your take on the theme – and the photo right after the car wheel – I thought the white van (upper right) was a shoe – and the boy was a figurine – but then I looked a little closer – very nice down view!

    And the tiles in Lisbon are noteworthy and years ago, I posted about one little tile I have – I will see if I can find the post

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    1. Thank you!
      I have a few original tiles on my wall but stopped buying them because I’ve realised they are being removed from the buildings and therefore damaging them. Now I just get reproductions. I would love to see that post, if you can find it.


    1. I really enjoyed that and I also had a look to the Daily post about the same location. I prefer the blue version.
      Porto is another place for tiles, especially the blue and white ones. Lisbon is a bit more varied when it comes to colours, I think.


  4. Wonderful selections, Sofia. The flower, tree, and the path covered by leaves are all so beautiful. I love the image of boy, the shadow made the image so interesting. The bird is way too cute!

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