Thursday Doors – Kyoto

Considering how frantic is going to be from now on, I had a need for quieter, more contemplative times. It’s not just the ramp up for Christmas, it’s the warnings of fuel, food and now gift shortages, with people activily advised to buy now as the future is uncertain. How that is going to translate into consumer behaviours I cannot guess, but Christmas usually brings the worst in people when it comes to shopping.

So, quieter times. When we would seat in this wonderful temple, the Shoren-in, in Kyoto and enjoy the peacefulness and calm of the garden on one side, and on the other, this beautiful painted sliding doors. Ah, if only we could go back…

Posted for Dan’s Thursday Doors

9 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Kyoto

  1. That’s a great door. When I saw the warnings about gift shortages, I thought, maybe it’s a good year to spend less on gifts and focus more on the meaning of the holiday season. I’m not going into the crowd to fight for things. You’re right about Christmas shopping bringing out the worst in people.

    Heady thoughts for October, so thank you for sharing a beautiful, quiet door for us to consider, Sofia.

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    1. This country is so obsessed with Christmas, is unreal. We will still need food and fuel after but it seems Christmas is everything and nothing else matters. And it is all about spending money, it always is…
      Thank you, Dan for your words. It will be a bumpy ride, I think.

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  2. Simple and beautiful. Sometimes less if more, isn’t it? Although we enjoy the giving part of Christmas, I always focus on the Reason for the Season and enjoy the non-commercial aspects as much as possible. We’ll be doing a Zoom Christmas again this year but my husband and I will spend part of the time with my parents.


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