Lens-Artists Challenge – Street Art

It is funny that both cities I call home, Lisbon and Glasgow, have a bit of a tradition on street art. It hasn’t always been the case, but I’m so glad street art is now seen as what it is, a form of creative art, a way to express something that is usually done with the most fearless flair. Anything goes.

Glasgow has taken street art seriously and we can even find a mural trail across the city. I’m still missing a few but I’m sure I’ll collect them all at some point. One of the things I’ve noticed is the style seems to be more homogeneous.

Now, if you’re looking for variety, and the wonderful weird, Lisbon is definitely the place to go and I love it even more for it.

There’s room for everything in my city. It wasn’t always like this. Tagging was all over and it was horrendous. But, soon enough, real art took over and there’s innovation in techniques, like Vhils work or simply in creating things of understated beauty.

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge

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