CFFC – Future Nostalgic

Such a wonderful notion that Cee asks us this week to ponder upon, the Future Nostalgic, something to feel nostalgic about in the future.

There were a few places in Japan I knew I had to visit again. The Umeda Sky Building was one of them. It felt so special the first time around, a skyscraper city like I’d never seen before, we just had to return and I still feel the same way.

The view from the plane approaching Lisbon’s airport. Always brings a strange sense of pride. It’s my city, it will always be.

Our first attempt at hill walking in Scotland. This breathtaking view made me realise this is a unique country. It started a love for exploring it as much as we can, now as a family of 3. The last photo was taken this summer. Hopefully a Summer holiday to repeat for many more years.

Posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

5 thoughts on “CFFC – Future Nostalgic

  1. The last pic is adorable!!! My boys are 4, I guess yours is around the same age from the pic? Or maybe 5-6? 😍
    And the challenge topic is lovely too. We might all be nostalgic for travel and clean nature at some point (hope not). Maybe a weird sort of nostalgia for the stay-at-home years the pandemic forced upon us, when we inevitably get back to speed again at some point?
    And that odd sense of pride you get when descending to Lisbon… I know that feeling!!! I don’t get it from Helsinki but I did when I lived in France and flew back and forth. I was so happy to call it home and was spotting areas I recognized from the airplane!

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    1. Sometimes, when I look at pictures taken in our small back garden during lockdown I do miss the time I could spend with my son and the lack of stress. I’ll be trying to keep the calmness for as long as I can.
      He’s 6 and very tall for his age (he would be wearing clothes for 8 year olds if it wasn’t for the fact he’s too skinny), so good guess 🙂

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