Lens-Artists Challenge – Following my Bliss

Blissful is the time I am creating something. For a while it would be crafts with fabrics, then photography really took its hold. Then life was unkind and I didn’t create anything at all. I knew those dark days were over the second I picked up my camera again and never looked back. Now, I like to think I can mix all the things I love, photography and design into one. I do it for myself mainly, the feeling of complete happiness of I’ve done this is the most fulfilling, but to have positive feedback from others is adding the cherry on top of the cake.

There’s nothing in the world more blissful to me than trees. I do hug them, feel their texture, admire and record them. I like the sound of the wind gently caressing them, I like the way they reach up to the sky when they are bare. And mostly, I like when they let us know Spring is finally coming.

Travel is another source of immense joy. Finding new places by chance or picking up places from guides and having your expectations met is how memories are made. It all counts in the end. Sometimes is the simplicity of the more common things that stays with me.

There’s moments when bliss is right after I cliked. The shot is there and I already know it. Other times the photo only reveals itself when editing, when I look closer and see what, by pure luck, I caught on camera.

Finally, this is where I’m spending quite a bit of my free time and is giving my so much pleasure. I always loved pattern making and now I’ve started taking elements from my photos into the designs. It’s the whole process, seeing how all the different elements coming together that I truly enjoy.

Posted for Lindy’s Lens-Artists Challenge

29 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Following my Bliss

  1. You wrote this post so poetically, Sophia that I almost forgot to look at the photos as your words were like a painting or design in themselves.
    I love the notebook but the first pattern looks amazing in the printed fabric! Well done!

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  2. Thank you for posting your bliss, Sophia! I especially connect to your thought “…the simplicity of the more common things that stays with me.” How exciting too that you are using your images in fabric and paper designs. Impressive!

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  3. You are a very gifted and talented young woman, Sofia! Loved your dress and notebook pattern – so beautifully done! But most of all I love your words and especially your love for trees. I share that love with you.

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  4. Como diz alguém aqui, tu de facto foste abençoada pelos Deuses! A tua sensibilidade e a maneira como a exprimes comove-me. És aquilo que eu mais aprecio num ser humano, pena é que nos tenhamos “encontrado” demasiado tarde.

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