Lens-Artists Challenge – One Image/One Story

I was already living in Scotland for some years when a friend came to visit. As usual, we did so much more tourism when people come to visit than we normally would and ventured into the Highlands for the first time. The idea was to go all the way up to Skye and I’ve never been as close since. I remember quite a few things from that drive. I remember how the road along Loch Lomond was a nightmare of narrowness and sharp, blind turns. I remember the weather being a bit Scottish and seeing my first deer, just looking at the cars passing by. And I remember a place like no other…

The landscape then was the same as this and yet so different. It was darker and in shades of brown and grey. There was water everywhere and I felt the magic of this place, of the stories to be told. As we drove by I already missed it and I kept those images in my memories.

They stayed there, dormant, until this year. The Scottish Highlands called again and the drive back up was like visiting an old friend. Time was kind to Glencoe, it was greener, lighter but still magical. And inviting us to stop, go for a walk and take it all in.

Posted for Ann-Christine’s Lens-Artists Challenge

25 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – One Image/One Story

  1. You are so right Sofia, the scenery of Scotland is just incredible. The thing I found most difficult while visiting is the amazing quality of the light, oh so difficult to capture! It truly is magical, as you’ve said and shown. An excellent choice for the challenge.

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  2. A beautiful choice and story, Sofia. I love Scotland and is every year yearning to visit again. You have shown us some of its magic, the next best thing to walking there in real life!

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