Lens-Artists Challenge – Celebrating

It was photographing a festival that made me realise, many years ago, it was time to upgrade my camera. I have, since then, the love for capturing festivals but also the knowledge of how hard it is to do it well.

Fasnacht in Basel was the only time we travelled abroad specifically for a festival. I wasn’t that impressed with the whole thing, perhaps because it was hyped so much by our hosts, but it still managed to get a few good shots.

Nikko and Kawagoe were surprise festivals in Japan we only decided to check out while we were already there. They were both good decisions, windows open to the Japanese Culture that otherwise we wouldn’t have known and they couldn’t be more different.

And, despite the weather, Glaswegians like their processions and festivals too. You just need to dress accordingly (or not) and hope for the best!

Posted for Amy’s Lens-Artists Challenge

20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Celebrating

  1. I found it funny you were not too impressed with Fasnacht. Good on you for taking your camera and honoring your hosts.

    I think it was cool you stumbled into festivals in Japan. Lots of knowledge about a culture that way.

    All you photos were, bright, brilliant, and I loved how you got close so we could see expressions, even with masks. Very nice. Donna

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  2. What a fantastic festival celebrating collections, Sofia! We visited Japan twice, but didnot run into their festivals.
    The last image is stunning!


  3. I know what you mean about festivals being hard to photograph (all those people getting in the way!) but you’ve succeeded brilliantly with these shots! I love the ones from Nikko and that last Glasgow one in particular 🙂


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