Lens-Artists Challenge – Interesting Objects

When I saw the challenge this week was Interesting Objects in my mind I had to options: either I had a collection of interesting photos of objects or I had a collection of photos of interesting objects. The later has won and I realise my contribution is all about the historical and artistic value of the objects I’ve picked and less of how I could and did capture them. Museums can be a challenge on their own…

My first photo shows a collection of Roman leather shoes, found in Scotland and currently at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. My mum is the history buff and she passed her love of history and art to me. This photo was taken with her in mind.

Many times in Museums I find sources of inspiration in the most unlikely of objects, showing that anything can be beautiful. A simple test for a dyeing process for fabrics or the details on a 17th Century Samurai Armor, both found at the Tokyo National Museum.

Other objects are gaining a significance beyond their historical and artistical value. The Benin Bronzes are one of those. Should they be returned from the Bristish Museum where they are now in display?

Sometimes the objects and the way they are exhibit make a good photo. Displays like this one of Egyptian servant figurines at the Louvre contributed for me interest in taking photos in Museums (when allowed…!), or the Arabic glass vases at the Museum Gulbenkian in Lisbon. They showcase perfectly the artistry of these beautiful and interesting objects.

Posted for Patti’s Lens-Artists Challenge


30 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Interesting Objects

  1. Hi, Sofia. This is a beautiful interpretation of the challenge–both in words and images! Your images really “shine”–especially the servant figurines and the armor. The shoes and the dying process images are fascinating. Great question about the bronzes. So many museums are dealing with the ethical issues of returning art from colonized places. I wonder what will happen in this case. Great post! And have a great weekend, too.

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  2. I have to thank you… I was struggling with where I might have taken photos of objects. I didn’t think about some of the museums I’ve visited in the last few years. Now I know where I am going with my challenge! 🙂

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  3. Beautiful and interesting indeed Sofia! Your post reminded me I should have featured the wonderful Chinese terra cotta warriors but alas, I forgot! Loved the shoes especially, and the nod to your mother – we all owe so much to those who taught us about beauty and the many places it can be found. Lovely choices all.

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  4. Great selections and variety. I like the ancient Manolo Blahniks. (Do they even make men’s shoes? I haven’t a clue.) Yes, return the Benins, trusting they will not be destroyed. We ‘colonizers’ looted the ancient world of others’ possessions. Perhaps we should give them back. Just a thought.

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