Lens-Artists Challenge – Memorable Events

This will be a tale of two parts, separated also by two years. Of all the memorable events I’ve could have picked, this is the one where photos tell a great part of the story and why I will never forget.

Being able to live your dream is memorable enough. You wish it to be true and when you finally get to the point of fulfilling it, it can be an overwhelming experience. My dream was to go to Japan and it felt like a pretty difficult dream for a long time. The day we got on the plane I still couldn’t really believe it was me, doing this.

Any travel guide will tell you, while in Kyoto Gion is a must see. And they are, of course, right. It’s not just for the possibility of a glimpse of a Geisha, but also because this is a beautiful historical neighbourhood. First time in Kyoto, we arrived at Gion early evening. It was too late for the Geisha to go out and we learnt our lesson.

Move forward two years, we are back in Kyoto, and I’m determined to give it another try. We make the same mistake again. It is too late. A Geisha is seen leaving a building, she’s surprisingly fast going up the very dark street. I click and click again.

It’s all wrong for a decent photo, but the memory is there and I am happy.

Next day, we are close again of Gion and it is late afternoon. The crowds are gathering, big tourist groups hang about the entrance and main street. It starts feeling wrong, like it’s a hunt and I’m participating in it. We see a lot of movement, people running, more clicking.

I find myself running too. I get another shot.

We decide to go back into Gion but away from the main streets.

Then we see two young Maiko, I’ve posted about before and you can find that story here. It was the moment where it all changed.

I didn’t want to be a part of this craziness anymore, where people are no longer respected for the sake of a photo.

And so we’re leaving. Main street again, tourists everywhere and it feels frantic. A taxi tries to drive pass the crowds, slowly. I look inside, this beautiful, dignified Geisha looking at me, and I take a photo. It’s a hard one, not only because of the setting and the reflections and the moving car… but for the reason that made me want to leave.

I still love this photo for all its imperfections and for the story it tells.

This week we invite you to tell us your memorable event. In your post, include a link to Ann-Christine’s beautiful post and use the Lens-Artists tag. We’re looking forward to see your photos!

Posted for Ann-Christine’s Lens-Artists Challenge

24 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Memorable Events

  1. Lovely photos, and it brought back good memories of walking through this wonderful old quarter of the city. During my trips to Kyoto I’ve only ever visited Gion late in the evening for dinner, and never seen the sights that tourists haunt this place for. After reading your blog I’m happier.

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  2. Sofia – your memorable trips to Japan show some nice culture shots – and then you really added a nice richness by sharing the dignity aspect and the feelings photographers wrestle with at times Whew – I have been there myself and really enjoyed your sharing and the way you led us up to the very unique taxi photo.
    “I didn’t want to be a part of this craziness anymore, where people are no longer respected for the sake of a photo.”

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  3. Very special moments, and excellently captured. The fleeting moment…in the car, the car and the blurred lady in white and silver…and your storytelling. Wonderful and sensitive. I read your post in my phone before, and thought I had commented. But now I have. Such a beautiful post, thank you.

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