PPAC – Lisbon

I’ve just returned from Lisbon, one of the capitals of street art, at least in my view. This holiday just confirmed it. New murals to enjoy and also this instalation by the river. I’ve been very silly, tho. I took this photo specifically for PPAC and then forgot to see who was the artist that created it…

Posted for Marsha’s Photographing Public Art Challenge

Edited: Thank you, Dulce Delgado for letting us know the artist’s name: Pedro Cabrita Reis.


12 thoughts on “PPAC – Lisbon

  1. If I had only known I could make a name for myself stacking boxes on a pier… I once visited an art gallery in Paris in which a large canvas the size of a wall, maybe 8 feet by 10 feet was painted royal blue. That was it. And it was on display at a famous museum in the City of Art!. Thanks for joining in. We wouldn’t have remembered his name anyway – probably! 🙂

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